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Smart and environmentally friendly printing hot spots

Smart and environmentally friendly printing hot spots

We are in a period of rapid change. Technical progress in the Internet and digital technology as the representative of the obstacles facing the economic globalization, and the world economic growth prospects uncertain, so we in the printing industry in the future is full of uncertainty.

From 2013 onwards, the annual growth rate of China's printing industry began to continue to decline. Facing the change of international macroeconomic structure, the rapid rise of labor cost and the pressure of environmental protection, the development of China's printing industry has encountered unprecedented challenges. China's printing industry can be broadly divided into two major industries, one is the printing industry, the other is the printing equipment and equipment manufacturing industry. Among them, the printing equipment and equipment manufacturing is divided into the printing equipment manufacturing and printing equipment manufacturing.

Present situation:

Scale enterprises are developing rapidly

Annual revenue amounted to 45 billion 200 million yuan

China local printing equipment manufacturing enterprises have become the main supplier of China printing industry in prepress equipment, printing equipment, printing equipment, printing equipment, printing wide die-cutting equipment, Postpress equipment etc..

In 2015, China's printing equipment manufacturing industry owned 2874 enterprises, the main business income reached 57 billion 500 million yuan, the total assets of 50 billion 600 million yuan, the total number of employees 87 thousand people. At the same time, large-scale printing equipment manufacturing enterprises 309, accounting for 11% of the whole industry enterprise; the main business income of 45 billion 200 million yuan, accounting for the industry's main business income of 78%; total assets of 36 billion 300 million yuan, accounting for 72% of total industry assets; employing 48 thousand people, accounting for 55% of the total number of employees in the industry. In 2015, the printing equipment manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size exported 4 billion 623 million yuan, accounting for 10% of the total business income of the industry.

In the printing equipment manufacturing industry, mainland China has become the world's largest offset printing plate production. In 2015, the domestic offset plate production total 397 million square meters, offset plate material annual export volume of 154 million square meters. At the same time, the domestic offset plate material industry concentration has improved significantly, production in the top 2015 in 10 years, the total output of enterprises has been close to 3/4 of the total output of the industry. While the manufacturing industry in 2015 above scale manufacturing enterprises 341, the main business income of 410 billion yuan, the total amount of ink production of about 710 thousand tons, the export volume of 28 thousand and 700 tons, export volume for 3 consecutive years starting from 2013 more than imports.


Industry concentration increased

Professional attention to lead technological innovation

Seize the economic transformation and technological progress Chinese provided the opportunity to play the local manufacturing industry close to the market, understand the needs of the advantages, adhere to the professional focus on the basis of technological innovation, will become the main features of the future development of China printing equipment and equipment manufacturing.

As far as the printing equipment industry is concerned, the smart printing system, inkjet printing equipment and environmental protection gravure printing equipment will be the focus of future development. Take advantage of the huge domestic printing market opportunities, to find a pain point, processing industry chain centralized resources, spare no effort to solve the pain points of professional attention will be the effective way to upgrade local equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Adapting to the demand of packaging and printing market, further adjusting the product structure is the main trend of the printing equipment manufacturing industry in the future. In the printing plate manufacturing industry, the quality of native flexo printing plate will be significantly improved, and the output and varieties will continue to increase. The average annual growth rate of offset plate material is 4%, and the industry concentration will be further improved. In the printing ink manufacturing industry, the next 5 years, China's mainland printing ink production average annual growth rate of 5%. The focus of the development of ink products is food packaging ink, label printing ink. In the elimination of benzene containing solvent based ink, water-based ink, UV ink, EB ink, vegetable oil-based ink and other environmental friendly ink will be rapid development.